I am thrilled that you have decided to visit Shutter Bunny Photography, the place for fun, fresh & unique photography!

My love of the lens actually grew from a love of art. Some of my earliest memories include the waxy scent of a fresh box of crayons and the crisp, bright colors in a pack of construction paper. With lots of love and encouragement from my mom, my love affair with all things arty grew into a fine craft by my teens and finally, my major of choice in college.

While studying Fine Art at the University of Georgia, I took my first photography class, and something inside me just clicked (tee-hee!). I loved how I could capture an image, telling a story with light, shadow and human expression. It was from there that I added Fine Art Photography to my studies. I graduated from UGA in 2002, with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art Photography and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I call myself the Shutter Bunny because I am obsessed with the cuteness of bunnies :) "Bunny," is also a term of endearment around my house. And so, Shutter Bunny Photography was born. I hope you hop on over for a visit and some beautiful photos!