Double Coney $325

Clara Brown
Clara Brown

Double Coney $325

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High School Senior/Graduate Package for two graduates

The Double Coney is based off the Coney Session, but is for parents with 2 graduates. Honor their greatest achievement with images that are as unique as they are! This session can be shot inside/outside of your home, or planned for an outdoor location, weather permitting. Your teens can bring extra outfits to ensure they have options to reflect their unique style. Session will include individual portraits of each graduate, as well as shots of them together. We will schedule a chat before the shoot date, where we can plan the session details, ensuring a custom and distinctive portfolio. 

Priced at $325 with a 50% non-refundable deposit due at booking & the remaining balance due one week prior to session date. 

You will receive:

  • A photo session, customized for your teens

  • Post-Production of all images

  • Your final, full-size digital images on either a flash drive or a disk (you choose)

  • Gallery of 20 images

  • 4x6 professional printed proofs of all images

  • A private, online digital viewing gallery

  • A Photo Print Release form, granting permission for you to print the images

Please click here to view photo session restrictions. 

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