Some may refer to my work as Lifestyle Photography. Basically, this means that my approach to portrait photography is casual, relaxed and comfortable for the subjects, allowing me to capture raw emotion and uninhibited laughter. There is some posing, but I look for real moments and natural expressions that will be valued by families for years to come; those fleeting seconds where a long-married couple looks lovingly into each other’s eyes; where a father snuggles his newborn son to his chest, breathing in his sweet scent; when a mother’s arms sneak around her daughter’s shoulders for a secret hug. I believe these are the moments you will cherish decades from now. My photographs are more than just snapshots; they are memories captured with light and painted with emotion.

I do not work out of a studio. Rather, I work in an outdoor location of your choice (I am happy to make suggestions), or I can come to your home or event. I believe that when having your photograph taken, you will be more comfortable in your own environment or one of your choosing, rather than stuck in front of a backdrop and forced to pose. When shooting indoors, at your home, etc., I will bring my light kit to brighten the space, if needed, and I love to work with natural light.

If you are looking for unique images that capture sweet and true moments with your loved ones, then look no further than Shutter Bunny Photography.  

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